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Happy Libra season bitches! Taurus is spot on. We can be very guarded at times. Sagittarius - Gurus Horse risingsigns jyotish yellowsaphire dads birthstones warriors degrazia art vintage books studying cowboys arizona indians aborigine history grants needed. Moon in Capricorn, 6th October The Moon is in Capricorn transitioning into Aquarius today. Capricorn brings a sober tone to our lives, the emphasis is on staying on track, lasting the course and laying foundations for our next moves. Squares are fun.

If you have any personal planets squaring in your natal chart you know this energy too well. We are leaving this phase of the moon at the moment. We move from spiritual and mental to physical in regards of intent. During this time you should be working on your foundation. Which is why this is usually a great time to focus on what inten. Is your rising sign correct?! When you know, you know Did you know I offer tarot readings? Well, I do! I love what I do as well!

If you are wanting some guidance that includes Britney references and curse words, that wi. Mercury in Scorpio, 3rd October Mercury has entered Scorpio and the sojourn will be a long one due to its retrograde on the 31st. Mercury vibrates at a subtle, perceptive frequency when it resides in Scorpio, and communications take on a m. Venus in Libra: Healing, luxuries, and romance. Venus will transit its own sign of Libra from October 3rd, October 27th, For most people this is going to be a positive transit.

Planets usually do well when transiting their own sign. Moon in SagIttarius, 2nd October The Moon is in SagIttarius today, lending a jolt of optimism to the climate. Pluto is still squared with Venus and Saturn and Pluto are moving towards their conjunction of Jupiter is still trined w.

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Venus Square Pluto, 1st October, Pluto squares Venus today and the Moon is in Scorpio. The flavour today is intensity of feeling and thought, and the a sense of powerlessness and desire.

Obsessive love can come about during a Venus Pluto. Moon enters Scorpio, 30th September The Moon enters the sign of Scorpio today and the emphasis falls on profundity and depth of thought.

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The stillness and fathomlessness of a Moon in Scorpio, marks a need for surrender to our greater selve. Please do suggest alternatives, tag a pal and also if yours doe. ESP Leo!! Check out your astrology yearly forecast for on my YouTube channel. A Zodiac Dating Experience. How many times have you asked that question on a date? Allow yourself to be spoiled. Spend some money on on yourself! People are even more taken by you than usual.

Use it to get yourself ahead. Every October libra man over 30, I know is this guy. Venus sextile Jupiter, 28th September Venus in Libra forms a harmonious, uplifting and lucky sextile with Jupiter today. The sextile is a fortuitous aspect, like the trine. More ephemeral in tone, but very present nonetheless, the two plan. New Moon in Libra, 28th September, The New Moon is in Libra today and marks a contemplative time where we can withdraw inwards a little and consider that which we hold dear.

The New Moon is a time of process, some sobriety and perhaps a. Amethyst is an excellent spiritual cleanser and used for psychic protection. One of my most favorite stones, Amethyst can be worn to strengthe. The most recent specter looming large on the world scene is the largest refugee exodus from war torn countries seeking sanctuary in Europe since World War II, a devastating attack on Paris, and more than one mass shooting every day of the year in the United States. While the Devil card has been actively stirring the cauldron of polarization this year, exacerbating the extremes on every level, human consciousness has been stirring also as we are being forcefully awakened to the absolute necessity to reach beyond to another more sustainable way to live on this earth.

Necessity is the Mother of invention.

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We have yet to see what She will invent. This has been a time of preparation for things to come. Here is an image of the Devil at his worst. He keeps a tight grip on the chains that holds his operation together. Everyone involved is bound to their predetermined part.

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The Devil keeps order here by force or handing out rewards for complicity. To use the Devil well, look at the structures in your life. Think about what you need to hold your life together. How are you impacting all that supports you? His survival may seem dependent on everyone conforming to his ideas which may include hierarchy, domination, or playing by his rules.

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Pay attention to any ways the Devil contributes or collapses into the abuse of power. He may need to look for ways to be true to himself instead of requiring the obedience of others. Games Systems, Inc. Heavy rocks were used to crush women to death…. Perhaps she is too aware of material concerns, to the exclusion of her spirit or feelings… or this card frequently indicates internalized oppression, whereby we oppress ourselves by believing untruths passed on to us that become internalized ,and manifest as negative feeling of self-doubt.

The Temples Guardian is a wisdom being from the Tibetan tradition. He protects the hidden truth that we are not separate from any aspect of experience. His frightening appearance mirrors our unloved, unforgiven aspects of self.

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Yet if we can look into our fears, and allow ourselves to recognize and open to the powerful feelings of old anger, sadness and pain that they may conceal, this Guardian is a liberating ally. He holds up a dorje diamond scepter symbolizing awakened mind, and stands on a sun, moon and lotus representing the shining center of consciousness within all beings.

His wisdom flames consume imaginary limitations and unhelpful old patterns of behavior. He is a guide into the realm of disowned aspects of the self. He assists us to let go into spaciousness with our vulnerability and loving heart. In reality, we are sacred and powerful beings, with the power to heal and transform habits that bring us suffering. Letting go of story, gently be with your feelings, taking responsibility for them as your own. Breathe into your feelings in this moment, without blaming yourself or others. Allow your energy to release into the freedom of the present.

Recognize, in any judgment of others, the mirror of unresolved personal pain from the past.