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This is one of the more difficult events in Vedic astrology particularly when this happens within degrees as the significations of the planet are destroyed and the darker energies of the combust planet may arise. If you are born with planetary combustion then when it happens in transit, it is particularly activated.

First, an overview of highlights for 2018, and then I’ll touch on the planet moves for January.

Still if the combust planet is the ruler of your chart, you will always feel a strong impact from the combustion in transit particularly when it is within 2 — 3 degrees. As always there are so many combinations and exceptions. In natal charts under 10 degrees is usually a problem but any planet within 1 — 4 degrees is particularly damaged. Then there is the odd case of Cazimi from Medieval astrology where a planet within 40 minutes of the Sun goes into the heart of the Sun and is very energized by it in a positive way.

We have a case for that in transit on Jan.

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Above horoscope belongs to an electrical engineer, In his case Sun and Jupiter sitting in 4th house along with Rahu, However Sun is in and Jupiter is in degree and getting burned by Sun however Jupiter occupied its Own Sign Pisces and Even Sun is quite depressed by Rahu, Person is quite successful and getting higher salary from company.

Lets move to the point number -2 , If Combusted planet is getting strong benefic aspect from the benefic house, so it can give great relief to the combusted planet.

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In Above horoscope, Venus is combusted from Sun as sitting in degree and Sun is in Degree, As Venus is moving to the Sun, However Venus is sitting in exalted sign Pisces and also getting aspect by Jupiter from 11th house, Person is professionally quite successful!!! Lets move to the point number -3 , If Combusted planet is getting in the house where it gets Digbal Directional Strength , so it can give great relief to the combusted planet.

Refer above horoscope which belongs to a female who is shifted USA post her marriage, As per ancient text Mars should be 17 degree away from the Sun, However Mars is too close to the Sun as Mars is in Degree and Sun is in , getting combusted by Sun, However Mars is sitting in 10th house and getting Digbal, Even Venus is also combusted as per standard degree parameter but as involved in Sign exchange with Mercury, which is saving Venus also, this lady is well settled in USA and working in designing company.

As per point number - 4 , If Combusted planet is getting exalted and well placed in divisional chart, so it can also give great relief to the combusted planet. Guys remember, any combusted planets cant destroy entire horoscope, its just creates issues related to the ruling houses and its own significances, So if any planet which is weak in D-1 through combustion however exalted in D-9 or Sitting in friendly sign, under benefic influences or Under Pushkar Bhag or Pushkar Navamsha or Vargottam Navamsha, Even strongly placed in D, these situations are not less than a blessings for combusted planets.

Now the final point number - 5 , If Combusted planet is retrograde in horoscope. Well as my personal observation i would like to say that combustion doesn't affect any planet if its retrograde in horoscope, and the only reason when any planet become retrograde in horoscope its automatically becomes too powerful.


Retrogression itself a great Power, As we know whenever any planet coming near to the Sun so Sun is just burning that planet -. But basically even when planet is too close to the sun and if retrograde so it doesn't get affected, Retrogression power is just saving that planet in a great way, and we can say that combustion is nothing in front of retrogression. That is the main reason Rahu and Ketu are never considered as combusted even if they are too closed to the Sun, Even they are damaging Sun if they are in close conjunction with Sun, Which is also known as Grahan Yoga in horoscope, So If Rahu and Ketu could be too strong due to retrogression, Then why other planets cant be??

So if any planet which is closely connected with Sun however in retrograde motion, so its does not get combusted by Sun heat, as retrogression power is saving that planet This is best example for such condition as in above horoscope, Sun and Mercury are almost in just a less than half degree difference as Sun is in Degree and Mercury is in Degree however retrograde, So its quite clear that Retrogression and exaltation energy saving mercury from the combustion, This horoscope belongs to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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In above horoscope, Mercury is in 8th house and very close to the Sun, As Sun is in Degree and Mercury is in degree, however mercury is exalted and retrograde so almost free from Combustion. Amitabh Bachchan who does not need any introduction. However if you want to learn more about retrograde planets Just Click Here. As we knows our entire horoscope is purely based on previous life deeds, so what are that deeds which are responsible for planetary combustion??? As Combustion is natural process and to give you certain result based on your past life deeds planetary combustion is required, however its basically a deduction which signifies "Something has been deducted from your luck Store due to your past life sins".

Combustion process of any planet is just a contribution to an event related to your life which will affect your life negatively surely, refer below example -. In Above horoscope, Venus is combusted by Sun as very close to the Sun, Venus is in Degree and Sun is in Degree, As four planetary conjunction are available in 11th house, So this person was worldly known Saint, However as i have written in my downfall article, Saturn never leave if you follow immoral path, So finally in debilitated Saturn Maha Dasha person has faced severe downfall as got caught in sexual scandal related to female and imprisoned now.

As you can see in the above images, in the 1st image Mercury is combust at 9.


Moon is the mind itself, combust Moon will give restless mind, affect the peace of mind and there will be a fear of being receptive to the life. Combust Mars may give lack of strength courage to face the challenges of life. In the process, native may not be able to support his decisions and become argumentive. This will give them the feeling of right and wrong or if this is their fault or not.

Combust Planets

In turn, this will teach native a few lessons about communication. Atheism may develop in the native. Combust Venus may give hard time of feeling less valued and appreciated. They may feel life has not given them enough love and affection they deserve in spite of giving the beloved everything in order to feel appreciated.

Native will feel disrespected and unappreciated. Native will fell to be given excessive amount of responsibilities and workload than what they can afford in personal or professional situations.

This will result in unwillingness to assume the worldly responsibilities. Would love to hear from you!