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But, they may face a monkey wrench when the notion of love comes into the equation since the planet Venus also rules them. What this means is she may hold onto a relationship with a man even if it is falling apart. You will find her citing love for remaining instead of allowing the rational to take over.

She defines her own wisdom by failing to cut the ties before more emotional heartache takes its toll. Her love is honest, intense, deep, and true, and yes… oh yes, mad too! The Libra child is calm and flighty, but social and entertaining. On the downside, the child can sometimes procrastinate to the point of driving a parent crazy.

Children will love their compassionate Libra mother, and the friends of your Libra Lady will do the same because she will always offer them unending loyalty. Libra and Aries make an unusual pairing as they get along as if they were old friends their entire lives. The same attributes appeal to the Libra woman. Now, with Taurus and Libra, things can be difficult for making it work. These two signs share the same ruling planetary influence Venus and, therefore, have too much in common.

Common characteristics include their negative attributes like stubbornness, inflexibility, and demand for attention. However, if the Taurus and Libra can overcome such issues, the love affair between them would prove nothing short of legendary. Libra and Gemini are two brainiacs in the sack! The key for it working will be a continuous compromise. Leo and Libra are a good couple too because Leo demands respect and attention and Libra is good at dealing out both.

Cancer can be a bit too emotive for the Libra who needs emotions a bit more stable to feel comfortable. Libra and Libra might work for a time since they are both balanced and sociable. Libra and Virgo clash because there is way too much analytical thought and no focus on the emotional fulfillment in the relationship. Work together, great; live together… not so good. The same goes for Sagittarius and the Libra woman. Whereas Sagittarius partners are scattered and for the Libra woman that is simply unacceptable. Aquarius is one who revels in chaotic energies, and that is just no atmosphere for the Libra Woman.

Libras love beautiful things. A few knick knacks for the house are great, just make sure you buy in twos as the Libra Woman has a strong preference for the symmetrical. She loves music and the arts.

Thus, a pair of theater tickets, or taking her out to dinner and the next best movie are other ways to gift your Libra lady. Her eye for light colors calls for any clothes you might buy to be in light and pastel varieties. Heck, spoil the hell out of her with a spa day, haircut, manicure, and pedicure. Since Libra corresponds with the sign of scales, the sign corresponds to the goddess Lady Justice, Justitia, and the Titaness, Themis, whose sign is also scales. She is the goddess of Truth who weighs the hearts of the dead against a feather of truth.

The human heart rests on one side of the scales with the feather on the other, as Anubis the Guardian of the Dead looks on as a witness to the rite. In the Tarot, the Justice card aligns with Libra as it depicts the goddess of justice and a set of scales. Libra, ruled by Venus, also corresponds with The Empress card. The Empress represents the intuitive and nurturing nature of this Zodiac sign. Is there any libra man missing his libra woman? But he finally left me and I need him so bad. But I have my pride so I let him go. No other person never made me feel that way.

The Compassion of the Libra and the social status of being friendly draws most women to the Libra man his warm words soothe the mind and comfort the spirit my belief is that the Lord and Savior was a Libra conceived on December 25th born nine months later into a Libra this allows a spiritual connection with all zodiac signs that is hard to find with any other that is not a Libra the scales that balance emotion does not allow the liro to overthink relationships they are considered black and white compatible or not no in between this allows him to close the door if he feels that it is not moving in a righteous path.

My best friend and lover. He is my mr. Enjoy ur other half!! Communication is the key. How can I Stop this Craziness?? He knows that I am not that easy to get..

Libra Friendship Compatibility: The Great Counselor

Hi, Can anyone help me? I am a Libra woman and i really like a Libra man actually can say I am in love with him. We met 4 times and on our 3 meeting we kissed and all following week I could feel distance. Ok this is simple.

Libra With Libra: Their Love Compatibility

He was offended when you stopped the sex. He was frustrated, and upset. He probably felt he deserves sex right now. He spent more than 6 months with you? And that person just stops. I really have to agree.

Libra Woman Compatibility

If the shoe were on the other foot…. My bday is 30th of sept, my girlfriends bday is also sept This is going to be an intriguing adventure. A higher power caused us to meet because we live in 2 different states, not normally traveled. I wannna know about my man who is decided by my parents he is 29th Sep n I am 10th oct.

I like when ppl listen to me n I always do what I want. My bf is 12oct, I am 23sep.

Libra and Romance

We are comparable. Best of luck. Very good article. Remind me of relatiosip with my Libra Man. HE very big strong charming libra men and he know how to provide for me what i need the most inside. When i firtst met libra Man, He filled me up with such joy and fun and stimulation! This is so true but in turn, it can be hell on wheels. I am a libra Oct 3rd and my ex is Oct When we first dated, we was so compatibility and the chemistry so strong it was un breakable.

We understood and respected each others space,…perfect! The sex was out of this world, we completed one another. Until this shift happen. He felt like I was out of league so to speak and he just stop caring. He just became more lazy. So it was continuous arguments and break ups and make ups.

The Libra Woman

Until he felt like he wasnt the man I needed him to be and left me for someone else drown graded, no shade on Christmas day I was so heart broken which lead me to deep depression. As I tried to cope with this day by day, he kept contacting me, telling me how much he love and miss me. Like a foul, I fell for it while he was still with the girl he left me for.

This was an on going off and on thing for 2 years after we broken up. So getting the help I needed and moving on with my life, I found love again. This time it was a Scorpio.

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He is very respectful, loving, and committed. He understood my situation with my past and willing to move forward. Singing the same song blah, blah, blah. Dating the same sign has it best and worst. Leo and Libra need to find the perfect balance of respect and responsibility in order to enjoy their time together.

Compatibility of Aries Man and Libra Woman

When they do, they will have a very creative and productive relationship that can last for a very long time Virgo and Libra become way too rational when they get together. Their best chance lies in patience of both partners and the instant display of emotions Two Libra partners are both in search for their other half, tactful, kind, just and often strict to one another and people around them.

Their relationship needs a lot of respect and built intimacy in order to work out Libra and Scorpio make an intense couple, as they awaken the darkest sexual side in each other. The intensity of emotional contact and intimacy between a Libra and a Sagittarius will mostly depend on other factors in personal charts, but they will most certainly enjoy their sexual relationship When a Libra and a Capricorn partner fall in love, things will depend greatly on their timing.

Virgo and Aquarius go as well as much as a control freak and a chaos addict, a healthy meal and a junk one.