November 19 solar eclipse horoscope

October 21, November 1, November 12, November 22, December 4, December 14, December 26, January 5, January 16, January 27, February 8, February 18, March 2, March 12, March 23, April 4, April 15, April 25, May 7, May 17, The diagram to the right depicts the Moon's path with respect to Earth's umbral and penumbral shadows.

Lunations: Eclipses – Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses 12222

Below it is a map showing the geographic regions of eclipse visibility. Click on the figure to enlarge it.

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For an explanation of the features appearing in the figure, see Key to Lunar Eclipse Figures. This is 1.

What The New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Cancer Means For Your Zodiac Sign

During the eclipse, the Moon is in the constellation Taurus. The synodic month in which the eclipse takes place has a Brown Lunation Number of The eclipse belongs to Saros and is number 45 of 70 eclipses in the series.

Pisces November 2019 ~ ECLIPSE RUMBLINGS IN THESE AREAS and MORE ~ Astrology ~ Horoscope

The Moon moves southward with respect to the node with each succeeding eclipse in the series and gamma decreases. There are more urgent matters in your own back yard to attend to.

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  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22).

Should a close friend or relative request help, offer support - but in a way that encourages them to become more independent. Worrying about income makes no difference but it could attract dishonest individuals. There are plenty of sharks out there all-too-happy to feed on trusting Librans. Stay silent about your income and expenditure.

Solar Eclipses in Scorpio, New Moons in Scorpio, Online Astrology |

Daily routine is happily abandoned when you fall into the company of exciting new friends. For singles, the cosmos conjures up someone especially interesting. For those already coupled, passions reach boiling point - then settle to a steady simmer.

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With much of work on hold, discover more leisurely ways of spending the week ahead. It could be, too, that an envious colleague wants to make you look bad, just to boost their own reputation.

Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

End result: head-on conflict. Keep a distance from trouble, if you can.

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Still, you might like to know that many power planets are on your side too, and striking canny deals on your behalf. Remember to respect financial limitations. Think twice before saying anything in the heat of the moment, or you may regret it.