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So, start some new project, because this will be a fruitful time for fresh beginnings. The New Moon on April 5 will have the fixed star Alpheratz influencing it. This will be a strong influence and brings a lot of fortune in our lives. However, a conjunction with Saturn will bring challenges in your life. So, you have to prepare yourself well. The influence of Alpheratz , the fixed star, on the New Moon is a special one. It delivers freedom, riches, independence and also helps in providing intellect. It also develops harmony between all of us and keeps our relationships intact.

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The conjunction of this fixed star with the new moon helps to promote wealth generation. It brings honor and respect from others and you might even get some new friends. The Andromeda constellation will bring pure thoughts to your mind. It also brings virtue and honor, but may bring up some hidden fears from inside you.

You need to confront them and not get discouraged by it. Love with your spouse will get stronger during this period. It indicates that some tests might be coming your way so, be prepared. If you are able to overcome it, then you might be looking at a promotion or the happy marriage that Alpheratz promises. If you are suffering from low-esteem, depression or pessimism, then the new moon in conjunction with Alpheratz will make it worse. Face your inner fears โ€” they are not as strong as you are.

You may be feeling like you have certain responsibilities that are keeping you from succeeding. Try to be determined and develop a work ethic โ€” you can overcome anything. The Asteroid Vibilia has been named so after the Roman Goddess of traveling and journeys. The goddess did not allow people to lose their way. So, this could be a symbol of a spiritual journey where you get the right guidance to move forward and grow spiritually.

It will be a journey of self-discovery and you will be content. Due to the presence of the fixed star Alpheratz, the new moon is bringing success in all our lives. But it will also square Saturn which will bring some obstacles along the way. You have to strive for your success. Also, the new moon will assist you become one with your emotions and understand yourself better.

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Asteroid Vibilia will make your spiritual journey worthwhile โ€” it will help you grow better. The two stars orbit each other within a period of Alpheratz was once considered to be a part of the Pegasus constellation along with being designated Alpha Andromedae, and it had the second designation, Delta Pegasi. Alpheratz is the northeastern star of the Great Square of Pegasus. It is classified as a suspected semi-regular variable star. Mirach is a cool, bright red class M giant, approximately light years distant. It is 1, times more luminous than the Sun and times more massive. It has a magnitude 14 hydrogen fusing star for a companion.

Mirach is part of an asterism called the girdle. Mirach is located only seven arc-minutes from the galaxy NGC Almach, Gamma Andromedae, is the third brightest star in the constellation and also another binary star. The brighter component of Almach, Gamma-1, is a golden yellow giant, while the companion is blue. They lie approximately 10 arc seconds apart. The primary star is a class K bright giant.

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It has an apparent magnitude of 2. It is 2, times more luminous than the Sun. The fainter companion star, Gamma-2, is itself a binary star, consisting of fifth and sixth magnitude white dwarf stars. The brighter component, a spectrograph will reveal, is also a double star. Delta Andromedae is a double star with an apparent magnitude of 3. The brighter component is a K-type giant, while the dimmer companion is either a G-type main sequence star or a white dwarf.

Iota Andromedae is a B-type main sequence dwarf, bluish white in colour. Upsilon Andromedae is another binary star system in the Andromeda constellation, composed of a yellow-white dwarf and a fainter red dwarf. The primary star, Upsilon Andromedae A, has four planets in orbit, presumed to be jovian planets similar to Jupiter. It is approximately 3.

Upsilon Andromedae B is a red dwarf located AU from the primary star. It is both less massive and less luminous than the Sun.

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Upsilon Andromedae is 44 light years distant. Adhil, or Xi Andromedae, is also a double star. Its spectral class is G9. With an apparent magnitude of 3. It is an orange K-type giant light years distant.

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Even though Ptolemy originally included the star in the Andromeda constellation, Johann Bayer later moved it to Perseus as Upsilon Persei. English astronomer John Flamsteed moved it back to Andromeda, where it stays to this day. Mu Andromedae is a white A-type dwarf located approximately light years from Earth.

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Pi Andromedae is another binary star, approximately light years distant. The primary component has an apparent magnitude of 4. R Andromedae is a Mira type variable star lying about four degrees southwest of the Andromeda Galaxy. Its brightness varies between 5. RX Andromedae is a Z Camelopardalis type variable star, with its brightness ranging between Groombridge 34 is also a binary star, consisting of two red dwarfs.

Only It is a spiral galaxy approximately 2. In the past, it was also referred to as the Great Andromeda Nebula. Andromeda Galaxy is the closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way, and also the farthest object in the night sky visible to the naked eye. It has an apparent magnitude of 3. The galaxy contains a trillion stars. This is significantly more than the Milky Way Galaxy, which has approximately billion stars.

Only the brightest central region of the Andromeda Galaxy is visible through a small telescope but, when observed through a larger telescope, the Andromeda Galaxy is about six times as wide as the full Moon. Messier Andromeda Galaxy, photo by John Lanoue. Andromeda belongs to the Local Group of galaxies, along with the Milky Way, Triangulum Galaxy Messier 33 , and 30 or so smaller galaxies.

Andromeda is the largest of the group. Its mass is estimated to be roughly equal to that of the Milky Way Galaxy, with which it is expected to collide in about 4.

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Andromeda has at least 14 dwarf galaxies orbiting it, including M32 and M Other satellite galaxies are considerably fainter and were not discovered until the s. The Triangulum Galaxy M33 , the famous spiral galaxy in the constellation Triangulum , is also believed to be a satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy. Star cloud NGC Image: Donald Pelletier. NGC is a star cloud in the Andromeda Galaxy. It is the brightest star cloud in M31 seen from Earth and one of the largest star forming regions in the Local Group of galaxies. It spans about light years and has an apparent size of 4.

Mayall II. It has an apparent magnitude of The cluster has twice the mass of Omega Centauri , the largest globular cluster in the Milky Way. It is believed to contain an intermediate-mass black hole in its centre. Some astronomers suspect that Mayall II is not a true globular, but the remaining core of a dwarf galaxy that was consumed by the larger M The cluster was named after the American astronomer Nicholas Mayall, who discovered it with O. Eggen in Messier 32, a dwarf elliptical galaxy approximately 2.

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Messier 32 was the first elliptical galaxy ever discovered. It is a satellite galaxy to the Andromeda Galaxy. M32 is small, but quite bright, and can easily be seen in a small telescope. M32 does not contain any globular clusters. The galaxy is suspected to have been much larger at one point, but then lost its outer stars and globular clusters when it collided with the Andromeda Galaxy.

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M32 is about 6. It has a supermassive black hole in its centre: The mass of the black hole is estimated to be between 1. Messier is a dwarf elliptical galaxy. It is often classified as a dwarf spheroidal galaxy. It contains eight globular clusters in the halo that surrounds it. Atypical for a dwarf elliptical galaxy, M is showing signs of recent star formation. It does not appear to have a supermassive black hole, or at least there is no evidence that one exists at the centre of the galaxy. Messier was observed and described by Charles Messier in together with the Andromeda Galaxy and other objects he discovered, but M was not included on his original list of objects.

The galaxy was independently discovered by Caroline Herschel a decade later. Her discovery was then noted by her brother William Herschel in , but it was not given a Messier number until , when Kenneth Glyn Jones finally gave it one.

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NGC Caldwell 28 is an open cluster with an apparent magnitude of 5. The cluster was discovered by Caroline Herschel in , but may have been observed by Giovanni Batista Hodierna before NGC is bright, large, and easily seen through binoculars. Under good conditions, it is even visible to the naked eye. None of the individual stars are brighter than 9th magnitude.