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Roy Gillett is president of the Astrological Association of Great Britain , and has been a practising astrologer for the past 40 years. He says he has noticed an uptake in millennials turning not only to sun signs, but also seeking out a deeper understanding of the science on which the system is based. Sceptics will say that it is not science-based; practitioners will argue roots in astronomy and connections to quantum physics. In that sort of culture, you look for something underpinning everything. Gillett also points to the internet enabling people to share ideas on a scale not seen before.

Lisette says she is not very good at arguing the benefits of astrology to those already set against it. I already know that astrology works. With this in mind, and having spent weeks talking to people about their experiences of astrology, I decided to get my birth chart read. Oswald has been an astrologer for more than 40 years, and wrote regular columns for the magazine Artnet that leaned towards socio-political interpretations of planetary positions.

After some discussion, she said she would be happy to meet me and read my chart, and answer my questions, if it would help explain some of the misconceptions about astrology. There were unavoidable issues — she was sorry she already knew I was a journalist but, of course, she would not look me up before we met. Besides, Mercury rules my ascendant Virgo, so my intuition is strong.

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The reading was uncannily accurate and I have thought about it every day since it happened. Miscellaneous: Available to talk to community and professional groups on astrology and its role in 21st century life. Best way to contact: Telephone, Email or Postal. Short Bio:. Qualified professional astrologer offering consultations and astrological education.

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Consulting Services:. Upcoming Lectures:. There is one Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable sign of each element. By combining the meaning of the Element with the Mode you can have a quick idea of the meaning of a sign. Additionally, the signs are organized in an orderly fashion, one which marks development from a simple beginning to a complex end. Aries , the Cardinal Fire sign, starts the Zodiac and represents the spark of life.

Taurus , the Fixed Earth sign, grounds that spark into physical form. Gemini , the Mutable Air sign, takes notice of the surrounding environment. Cancer , the Cardinal Water sign, chooses its home in the environment.

Leo , the Fixed Fire sign, expresses creativity from its center. Virgo , the Mutable Earth sign, adjusts Leo's expression to the physical conditions present. Libra , the Cardinal Air sign, meets others as equals. Scorpio , the Fixed Water sign,deepens relationships, transforming itself and others. Sagittarius ,the Mutable Fire sign, seeks meaning through experience. Capricorn , the Cardinal Earth sign, builds structures to support that meaning.

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Aquarius , the Fixed Air sign, sets higher ideals for the society, and Pisces , the Mutable Water sign, connects to divine inspiration out of which new life is born again in Aries. These descriptions are one idealized version of the Zodiac story. Individuals will act out their parts differently depending on the variety of individual factors in the natal chart.

Note that each sign is "ruled by" or associated with a planet with which it has affinity. The placement of a sign's ruling planet will provide more information about how a person will experience that sign. Houses and Angles. The chart wheel represents the space surrounding where you were born. It is divided into 12 sections called Houses. Each house represents a different environment or set of conditions.

We can describe the planets as the What, the energies themselves, the signs as the How, the ways in which the planets are modified, and the houses as the Where, the circumstances in which we meet the planets. Keep in mind that our Earth makes a complete turn on its axis every 24 hours, so that each planet will move through a house about every two hours.

As the Earth turns, it brings each of the degrees of the zodiac overhead or to any part of the wheel once in 24 hours -- a new degree of the zodiac every four minutes. There is a relationship between the meanings of signs and houses, so that Sagittarius, the 9th sign, has similarities to the 9th house. But on average, only one chart in 12 will have the 9th sign on the cusp or border of the 9th house. Physical body. A change from thinking to being.

The division between mind houses above the horizon and body houses below the horizon. What others see in us.

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The mask and facade we wear. The fresh exchange between self and others. The cusp, or border, of the 1st House is called the Ascendant or Rising Sign. The Ascendant, the eastern most point of the birth chart, shows how we come across to others; it's who we see in the mirror and a very important key to one's identity. Money and movable goods. The new body or what is drawn forth in response to new ideas.

Reaction to novelty and new experiences. Tangible change in life due to new direction. How we own, possess, or embody things. Owning up to new ideas. The full development of new situations. Collection of information. Exploration of what is forming. Searches, investigations, inquiries. Brothers, sisters, and neighbors.

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Short trips. Center of gravity. Base of operations. Where you've stored things up. The end of the matter. Repository of personal and family history. Real estate and property. The cusp, or border, of the 4th House is called the IC for Imum Coeli, Latin for "lower heavens" , the northernmost point in a birth chart. The IC symbolizes one's roots as it is the very base of the chart itself.

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A pouring forth. Conveying and teaching. The extension of self. Stepping out. The search for recognition. The show. Fun, games, hobbies, and sports. Risk and venture. Harvest and repair. Care and cure. Work conditions. The end of vitality and the beginning of attempts to prolong, preserve, and take care of the experience of the body. Application of experience. Organizing the variables. Where we meet others as equals. A concentration of concern for others. Marriage and partnership.

Unity and harmony. Spirit of cooperation. Signing contracts and agreements. Saying vows. The cusp, or border, of the 7th House is called the Descendant,the western point of the chart. The Descendant is the primary door to relationships and a key to understanding partnerships of all kinds. Physical and financial union. Shared values.

Approval by others. The results of relationship. Administration of others' resources. Meeting the mysteries of sex and death. Psychological inquiry. What you need from others. The search for truth and meaning. Moral judgment. Long journeys. Foreigners and faraway places. Visions for the future. The law. Enthusiasm for experiences beyond the day-to-day.

Practical talents. Authority, parents, up there and out there. Management and supervisory skills. Government and foundations. Public face. What you do. Police power. Law enforcement. The cusp, or border, of the 10th House is called the Midheaven or MC. This highest point in the chart points towards the South and the direction of the noonday Sun. It indicates both one's role in society and highest aspirations. Resources of the idea. Plans for action. Groups and teams. Larger goals. Hopes and wishes. Impersonal drives to realize personal ideals. Improving the community.

Humanity and humanitarianism. Identification with a group or cause. Working in privacy, outside the limelight. Loss of identity.